Risk-free booking and 100% refundable deposit : Booking Policy

Risk-free booking and 100% refundable deposit : Booking Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your information is our priority:

As a business working with customers all around the world, from a wide demographic, we make it our top priority to ensure that the information of our existing and new customers is kept safe and is not exposed to any external stakeholders other than African Sunsets Travel.

There has been strict privacy and data procedures put in place for both customers to avoid the sharing of information. Continuous awareness is raised to all role-players of African Sunsets Travel and measures put in place to ensure that any information made use of and shared through this model is kept safe and not vulnerable to exposure.

What information do we collect?

We collect information from customers which we feel is necessary in order to communicate effectively such as your full name, email address, contact details, demographic and budget. Our top priority is to avoid collection of too much data. The information which we request is shared amongst the role players within the company (which is well trained and aware of the privacy policy which African Sunsets Travel follows) in order to provide services effectively and efficiently. The permission will be requested by African Sunsets Travel to the customer and approval must be received before this avenue is followed.

Methods used to collect information

We do not collect customer information without permission. We ensure that it is the customer voluntary decision to provide information to African Sunsets Travel and ensure that it is never forced upon.

Contact Form:

In order to collect customer information a contact form has been designed. The contact form is the first step to enquiring about travel plans. This functionality collects all customer details and preferences. It is then submitted through the website to African Sunsets Travel where the information is safely stored. Once African Sunsets Travel receives this information, they are able to take your enquiry further.


There is also a newsletter sign up functionality available. With this facility you are able to receive updates and news on African Sunsets Travel or information which is important to keep up to date. This method is shared only via email and you are able to unsubscribe at any time should you wish to discontinue receiving the information

Purpose of collecting your information

Information from customers are both used for African Sunsets Travels inhouse reasons and to ensure that customer expectations are met at all times and an ever-improving service and travel offering is created. This information is stored inhouse and will only be used for performance and assessment purposes.

In some cases African Sunsets Travel would be required to provide external stakeholders with your details. This will be necessary in order to ensure that the service requirements are executed. When such information is provided to the 3rd party, we ensure that they are trained and aware of the privacy policy in which African Sunsets Travel has implemented.

Storage of your information

Your information is stored on servers which African Sunsets Travel has strictly selected in accordance to their privacy policy as well as security policies implemented. Data is only stored in within South Africa and constant monitoring of this storage method is conducted to ensure that processes are followed for the safety of both our service providers and customers.


African Sunsets Travel puts strict measures and processes in place to avoid redirect on its website. This is one of the ways in which other websites and parties receive personal data. We keep a close eye on this and ensure that this is avoided at all times.

Discarding or removing your information from the African Sunsets Travel database

Your information is important to us, however do understand that it is even more important to you. African Sunsets Travel have availed the opportunity for any individual or business who has provided their information to us, the ability to request for it to be removed at any given time. We will ensure that this request is honoured. For legal and or legitimate business reasons we will be required to store data, however will discontinue using it for any other purpose.
Should you wish to remove your data, please email us on info@sunsets.africa

More information

Should you seek further clarity on the privacy policy, please email info@sunsets.africa and we will be happy to answer any questions.