Risk-free booking and 100% refundable deposit : Booking Policy

Risk-free booking and 100% refundable deposit : Booking Policy

Refund Policy

We are abiding by the COVID-19 preventative measures and protocols

African Sunsets Travel is committed to providing our agents and guests flexibility and security in these uncertain times. We have therefore revised our terms & conditions on COVID-19. As outlined, the below terms are applicable as of 18 May 2020, these conditions will remain in place until the WHO declares the pandemic over, or restrictions impacting inbound travel in the countries African Sunsets Travel operates in are lifted. By this time, African Sunsets Travels’ standard terms & conditions will be activated again.


AST Covid-19 Updated Policy

Covid 19 eligibility criteria for booking changes, travel postphoning and cancellations

If you have a booking with us that isn’t covered in the policy above but has been impacted by COVID-19, you may still be eligible to change or cancel your booking if:

  • You are impacted by the travel and/or disease control restrictions implemented by your local authorities or the authorities in your destination of travel.
  • You are a medical professional and must perform duties in connection with the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • You have been diagnosed or are suspected of being infected with COVID-19 by health authorities. In any of these cases, you may cancel your booking directly or contact us.
  • Cancellation must be in writing and must be 15 days before the start of a Tour.

Refunds and Postphoned Travel Dates

  • In the case of a Covid 19 related cancellation above, we offer you a postphoned date of travel without any added fees within the next calendar year from intended departure.
  • In the event that you cannot travel at all, you will get a 95% refund of your paid travel package only, your refund is paid back via the same portal you paid with unless otherwise stated, we will cancel with our suppliers and your refunded invoice will be paid back when our suppliers settle us the paid deposits.
  • In the event that the package includes flight, the total cost of flights is non refundable as we are unable to get it back from flight companies, we can get a flight voucher to travel at a later date.
  • In the event of a COVID 19 booking cancellation, we offer to move the booking to different dates and if there is a change in prices, the difference of fees will be settled by the client.

African Sunsets Travel Covid-19 Action Plan
Continual monitoring and communication of all current and updated information provided by the World Health Organisation on the global status of Covid-19. Prevention and solution strategies provided to staff on an ongoing basis, safeguarding human life and wellbeing by:

  • Keeping all staff updated on developments
  • Providing clear mandates for increased personal hygiene
  • Facilitating additional hygiene amenities for all traveller
  • Educating all staff & guides on emergency procedures in the event of an incidents
  • Ensuring health & safety protocols are communicated to all third-party suppliers

African Sunsets Travel continues to accept travellers on the condition they have agreed to comprehensive screening before travel. Our guides and drivers have been fully trained on best practice procedures for limiting and containing any risk of infection, includes:

  • Implementing a high level of cleanliness on vehicles, facilities, and equipment.
  • Providing hand-sanitisers in all tour, game drive & transfer vehicles.
  • Encouraging travellers to wash hands more frequently throughout the journey.
  • Best practise action-plan should a traveler have flu-like symptoms.

Protective and preventive equipment is supplied and personally accessible for both guests and staff should the need arise. No cases of the COVID-Virus have been suspected or occurred during any private or group experiences, including at any of the lodges and safari camps we use. This is continuously monitored. An incident reporting system is in place for staff to be proactive in attaining medical support. A continuous risk assessment will occur, and any individuals who display symptoms and meet criteria for testing will be identified and speedily directed through the correct procedures and medical channels. These statements are subject to change as we continue to monitor and learn about Covid-19 and how it affects the realms of travel.